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Blackwell Genealogy
Study Group Web Notebook

Sharing Blackwell Genealogical Information Worldwide.
Please send in your Blackwell lineages, questions, and answers.


The internet "web" system provides a wonderful mechanism for historians and genealogists to share information, plans, outlines, notes, and resources.

I hope many Blackwell researchers will email (or mail a floppy disk) with their Blackwell ancestors, research notes, materials, and publications (if you mail me your paper material it will be computerized very very slowly).  You can also see my other genealogical interests.a

Please go to:

Hopefully lots of people will join me in building this site.  I would like to share everything I have on Blackwell history and genealogy.  I just have to find the time to computerize my notes more.  Will you share information you have?

October - September changes

August 1996 additions

Old Feb - June changes.


David Craig Blackwell...............dcblackwell@gmail.COM

PS  My primary effort will be on English Blackwells which I've worked on since 1984.
PPS Don't be afraid to just send in a quick outline of what you are doing.  You can always send in an improved version later.

Currently (October1996) the website address is:

If it moves the Root-L Surname Index will be told, also Blackwell, David, MA will be told.

DCB 1996 October 11. email address updated 2016