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The Blackwall Family of Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire

Work in progress 1996. Information from IGI and Blackwell Charts from John Blackwall of Blackwall. This version compiled by David C. Blackwell dblackwell@S1.DRC.COM 72 Center St., Groveland, Mass. 01834 USA. (508) 373-2358.

1. John Blackwall (wp.1680) m. Alice(d.1663) dau.& heiress of  Thomas Bradshaw of Kirk Ireton. John is thought to be the son of Thomas Blackwell12(William11, Richard10, Richard9,...)
John and Alice have 6 children on record.

4. Robert Blackwall m.1675 Jan 13 Elizabeth Storer.

10. John Blackwall m. Mary d.o. Richard Hawford of Kegworth, Leicester.

15. John Blackwall m. Mary d.o. Robert Mellor of Telrielgehay, Derrys.

20. John Blackwall b.1753, m.(1795) Frances d.o. Zachary Downing of Fullwood, Notts.

27. Emma Blackwall m.1836 EVANS

32. John Evans Blackwall

22. Thomas Blackwall b.1759. Thomas and Mary had the following children bapt. in K.I.

There are Blackwells in Kirk Ireton starting in the 1400s, but it is unclear how they are all related. See blqlnbtn.htm for information on another possible line which goes to Wales.

A little more on these early Kirk Ireton Blackwells later DCB.

Anthony Blackwall1 m. Mary Potter on 1671 July 6 in Kirk Ireton. They apparently had

Anthony Blackwall2 b. 1672 d. 1730 he married twice. He had a son on his first marriage:

Anthony Blackwall2 b.1672 had several children by his second wife:


Paul Pedersen <> a Blackwall descendant writes:

In your section on the Blackwalls of Kirk Ireton there is a section on Anthony "the well known Classical scholar". Your information is somewhat at variance with what I have from a newspaper clipping (date and source unknown) headed "Famous Men of Derbyshire - Third in series".

This article is on Anthony the Classical scholar and gives his birth date as 1674. One paragraph reads as follows, "Anthony Blackwall spent the last eight years of his short life away from Derby but he retained many intimate connections with the town. His second wife was the widow of Mr. Cantrell, his predecessor at Derby School and the mother of Henry Cantrell, one-time vicar of St. Allemund's.

And among his grandchildren, one married a Derby bookseller named William Cantrell." Thus, it seems likely that The Anthony you have listed as born 1672, is the Classical scholar and the birthdate should be 1674. Some, or perhaps all of the children that you have listed are Cantrells and not Blackwalls. The newspaper article mentions Anthony's grandchild but makes no mention of children. (we will have to find primary sources to confirm the dates. DCB ed.)

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