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Blackwells of North Carolina

[Hello David and Blackwell email list, March 10, 1997]

Joseph Blackwell & Sara Chandler Banks are 6th generation ancestors of mine.

I don't have much information, but Joseph was born ?1742, Beaverdam district, Granville County, North Carolina. Served during Revolutionary War with Granville Militia. His brother-in-law Ralph Banks was Captain in this same militia. (Vol 22 page 174 State Records of North Carolina by Walter Clark). Joseph is first mentioned in Georgia in 1785 (tax digest of Wilkes County). His will was probated Sept 1806 in Elbert County, Georgia. He had six children.

He married Sarah Chandler Banks (Ralph Banks' sister) April 2, 1772. She was born June 4, 1748 and died after 1827 in ?Georgia.

I am interested in locating information on Joseph Blackwell's ancestors and those of Mathias Williamson (who may be from England). I have a browser.

Best wishes, Please email should you have any information.
Elton White March 10, 1997
1866 McQuaid Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70810-3351

John Blackwell married Francis Promfret, daughter of John and Ann (Hunt) Promfret of Granville CO. NC. John died in Granville Co. NC. He is said to be the son of William and Mary (Marshall) Blackwell. John's will is dated 1816/18 Dec.28. John and Francis (Pomfret) Blackwell's children are:

John Blackwell b.NC, d.1849 (Jan.3 -May). Marshall Co. Tenn). Married three times, 3rd marriage to Jane Wakefield. Issue:

  1. Nathaniel Blackwell, d.before 1830 tax list, m.Elizabeth ___.
  2. Gabriel Blackwell, GA, d.>1850 Feb.27; m.C.Malinda ___(b.1802)
  3. Josiah Blackwell (Jonah) b.1800 June 2 GA, d.1850-60,
    m1. Polly Brooks(b.1804 Jan.8,d.<1838 Oct.1), m2.Rebecca Shearin(b.1811 NC).
  4. Shrewsberry Blackwell, b.1802 Nov.12, d.1849 Cherokee Co. TX.
    Married 1821/2 Nov.18 TN Martha Gibson(b.1805 Apr.14 GA, d.1887 Jan.15 TX). Buried at Blackwell Cem. Weatherford, TX).
  5. James G.Blackwell, b.1807 Feb.19 TN, d.1873 Aug.2 Bedford Co. TN,
    m.Susan Delilie Darne(b.1805 in NC d.1850-60).
  6. Sarah Blackwell, b.1809 TN, m. __ Cunningham.
  7. Martin Blackwell, TN, d.1836 TN,
    m.Nancy Irene Shearson(b.1815 Mar.31) d.1893 July 28 Marshall Co. TN).
  8. Mary Blackwell, b.1811 TN, m. __ Cunningham.
  9. Infant Blackwellb.1812 Feb.8, d.1812 June 13.
  10. Brice M.G.Blackwell, TN,, ___ Campbell, (1840 census has Brice between age 20-30).
  11. John Blackwell, Jr. b.1818/20, m.Elizabeth(b.1820 GA).
  12. Louise Blackwell, b.1821, d.1872, m.1837 Daniel Davis(b.181_ GA), He m2.1873 Marshall Co. TN Corella Turner(b.1837).
  13. Elizabeth Blackwell, b.1826 TN, m. ___Arnold.

This family is from Thelma Blackwell Copeland, Route 10, Box 177, Athens, AL 35611. dated 1987, printed in Blackwell Researcher 1994 Q4.

Mrs. W.E.Blackwell 7012 Aztec Road N.E., Albuquerque NM 87110 is looking for the origin of her husbands ancester Thomas J. Blackwell:

Thomas J. Blackwell m 1831 Caswell Co. NC, DeKalb Co. AL. Married 1800 Nancy Slade Womack, dau. of David Delilah (Graves) Womack, in Caswell Co. Issue:

This ancestor chart is dated 1981 and was printed in the Blackwell Researcher 1991 Q4 p11.

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Subj: Re: Blackwell, Date: 96-03-21 12:49:16 EST

Hi Jean,

Thank you for the 2 files. Don't know if they are mine but, EDWARD b.1857 son of Nicholas Blackwell could very well be my Anna Elizabeth was born in 1887, so the time frame is right<:) The fact that Nicholas was born in NC and moved to AL could mean that Edward returned to NC.........I am trying to locate a 1st cousin somewhere in SC that has Anna Elizabeth's family Bible and her old records. in the meantime don't forget that she had at least one brother named Freeman Blackwell<:).

Hope you have better luck with your Millie Blackwell, and I really appreciate you keeping a eye out for all my Blackwells. I will keep you posted as I learn anythin


Ken......PS. At least this is the First Edward I have seen in any records other than Anna Elizabeth's death certificate. Thanks.

Hold the press<:) was about to send this when there was another letter from you on Freeman Blackwell.........I'm a little what else is new<:)<:).......where you say "He used his mothers surname" and she was Mary Ann Blackwell??? did you mean He "listed" his mothers surname??. Looks like you are batting a hundred<:) twice now you have come up with two names "Edward & Freeman" that here to fore I was unable to find. Thank you and of course all this helps. if only I could get off my duff and locate that cousin in SC to get her Bible and possibably start tieing this all togeather. Looks like this just may tie in when I do.

Many Thanks.....again<:)


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