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Lawrence Blackwell Descendants, NC, SC, GA to MS 1796 to Now.

(* denotes direct ancestor)

I. Lawrence Blackwell*, Born: 1796 In: North Carolina (?),
(note in 1981 Gena Walls of 6701 Everhart #210, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA 78413 asked in BN1981p43 if Lawrence's father is Jacob Blackwell of Covington Co. Miss.1820. Is Gena another cousin?)
Lawrence died: 1865 In: Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi; Wife: Sarah Susan Sills (Cherokee Indian from GA). He was hung by Union soldiers because he was a gunsmith. He was 69. II. Children of Lawrence Blackwell,1840 Census list 11 children (we only have the name of one):

III. Children of Aaron Blackwell*, Born: July 15, 1833, Married: January 20, 1857, Died: December 4, ????; Wife: Delaney Ward (B: 11/10/1884; D:2/12/1922 buried in Livingston Parrish, LA)

IV. Children of John Sharp Blackwell*, Born: 12/18/1857 ,
Married: 11/05/1882, Died: 5/12/1955 buried in Lawrence Co, MS; Wife: Mary Griffith.

V. Children of Johnnie Theodore Blackwell*, Born: 7/9/1898, Married: 8/18/1928, Died: 6/27/1957, buried in Lawrence Co, MS; Wife: Eunice Catherine Lambert.

VI. Children of Robert Keith Blackwell* ,Born: 8/12/1939, Married: 11/7/1960, Wife: Marion Frances King. Resides: Brookhaven Rd...Monticello, MS 39654, Phone:(601)587-7838.

David, May 24, 1996
Your genealogical instincts are correct: William (Keith), Aaron (Ken),and Andrew (Kevin) are all brothers. Here's info that I have, although my parents (having contacted Lillian Greer) might have more: I'll try to get all of the info on disk for you. Regards,Keith
v---------------Original Message---------------v
Hello Bill <> and Keith<> Friday, May 24, 1996
Blackwell researchers were VERY VERY glad to contact his Dad who has his Blackwell lineage from Mississippi to Georgia. ...(snip)..

One cousin of Ken and Keith, Lillian Greer (was no longer online) 129 Conifer Dr.West, Monroe,La. 71291; contacted Ken's Dad but I (DCB) don't know what happened.... ----------End of Original Message----------
Keith Blackwell BRISTOL TECHNOLOGY INC. 203 438 6969 241 Ethan Allen Highway 203 438 5013 (fax) Ridgefield, CT 06877 U.S.A.
I (DCB ed.) have forwarded the above to these southern Blackwell researchers:
<> Jean Brand researching Davis & Blackwell in MS, (has browser?),
<>,(a cousin thru Nonnie above, and see fast response below),
<> researching NC Blackwells (what name?),
<> researching Glenn Alfred Blackwell NC (browser?), and
Van Blackwell <71460.3606@CompuServe.COM> who does not have a browser.

My grandmother on my mothers' side was a Blackwell and was from Lawrence County Mississippi. My 3rd great-grandfather was Lawrence "Larry" Blackwell and he came to Miss. in the 1800's from the Carolina's. My interest is to start with him and work my way back. I hope you can help. Thanks,

Lillian Greer ( not online any more)
129 Conifer Dr.
West Monroe, La. 71291

Ken Blackwell replied:
I (Ken) am not in to this sort of stuff, but my dad has it traced way back.  
I'm a Blackwell from Lawrence County, MS.
Who was your grandmother on your mother's side? I'm sure that I know (of) her.

You should phone my dad, Robert Blackwell, 601-587-7838 for a complete list of the family. He has all of the Mississippi Blackwells and goes back to Georgia, Carolina's, as I recall.

(Blackwell, Robert...Brookhaven Rd...Monticello, MS 39654 Phone: (601)587-7838.
Note: this is his address according to
Note: the house number is missing in the phone listing. DCB ed.3-96)

Keith, May 24 1996.
Your note was passed on to me, and I noted you are descended from same line as I have connection to. You mentioned your parents may have more. I would love to share with either you, or your parents (if you will send me info how to contact - or pass MY info on to them) I connect in an interesting way to this family.

Here is my connection:

Nonnie Belle BLACKWELL, b 29 Dec 1909 (daughter of John Sharp  BLACKWELL and Mary GRIFFITH) was married to my grandfather Estus McGUFFEE. When Nonnie burned to death (after their only daughter Genevieve Nellie McGUFFEE was just a few months old) Estus then married my grandmother, Minnie Leona FUGLER, 28 Sep 1913, Brookhaven, Lincoln Co., MS. They were the parents of three children....Buell Emma McGUFFEE; Audrey Lydell McGUFFEE (my mother); and James Charles McGUFFEE.

I have photographs of Nonnie's grave and the home where she burned to death. Two years ago when I was there researching, I had the incredible pleasure of sitting down with then 97 year old Walt McGUFFEE (my grandaddy's brother), and hearing the story of this incident first hand. It was touching to say the least. (NOTE: Walt died two weeks ago at 99 years of age). For years since a child, this story of my grandfathers first wife has fascinated me and I am just now beginning to uncover some of Nonnie's history which began with my finding Lillian Greer and she was the one to fill me in and send me her information.

I would love to know more if you have anything on this family, and especially Nonnie. If you know of ANYONE at all with a possible photograph of this family or Nonnie, I would LOVE to have a copy for my archives. It would mean a lot.

I shall look forward to hearing from you soon and sharing on this.

Bettiann Lloyd (512) 331-7522 <>
11602 Queens Way
Austin, Texas 78759-4303 (apparently does not have a web browser)

now Keith's immediate email response:
Glad to hear from you. I knew Mr. Walt very well. His grandson, Greg McGuffee, and I were best friends when we were kids. He used to tell us great stories about WWI.

I'll get you lots of stories about Aunt Nonnie. I'll also check for pictures. I assume that you knew Aunt Genevieve? Here's my descent as far back as I know:

Lawrence Blackwell (born: 1796)
Aaron Blackwell (born: 1833)
John Sharp Blackwell (born: 1857)
Johnnie Theodore Blackwell (born: 1898
Robert Keith Blackwell (born: 1939)
William Keith Blackwell (born:1962)

I'll have my parents send you all known info. And I'll ask them to include all that they know of Nonnie. --Keith

------------------------------------ and now Kevin adds in his comments:

Bettiann, May 28, 1996.

Hi, I'm Keith's brother. Genevieve Nellie McGUFFEE married married A.W. Wilson, a methodist minister. They have a son in Jackson, MS. His name is Hugh Kenneth Wilson. Easy to find his number from the phone book.

Genevieve is still alive but in a nursing home in Jackson. Has Alsheimer's but remembers certain things still.

Genevieve was raised by my great aunt, Hula (Blackwell) Wilson in a home near Mr. Walts. Hula was Nonnie's sister. Hula died in 1984 or so. I'm not sure where the house which Aunt Nonnie burned in was, but the story about it is still one of the most popular old tales in that part of the country. However, I never thought to ask what happened to Genevieve's father. Now I know!

My parents can give you much more of this info that we can.


Searching Blackwell SC>MS, Hollingsworth MS any info appreciated by email or roots-L digest
Ken Hollingsworth <>
Ken is a descendant of Morris Blackwell who maybe a brother of Lawrence Blackwell descendant. He will send his info in later. DCB. here is his next email: -------------------------

Hi David, Just received this via email. I wasn't aware there was a "List" for sharing information. Is there no end to this dream. As all who search for their roots know, there are more roadblocks along the way than bulldozers to plow them down. Then, you hit on something, and all of a sudden you feel that it was worth the letdowns. Thank you for what you do.

First, don't give up on me sending you my gedcom and other information. I'm still trying to come up with a format for you to use. I'm sure you don't want all of the collateral stuff.

I found the GNN site you suggested and did download the program "gnnp11.exe", a self executable file. I successfully installed it and ran setup. Now, I don't see any exe files to run it on. Did I do something wrong? It might not work for me anyway, the site instructions said I need 8 megs of ram, and I only have 4. I would like to try anyway.

As for my setup, I am subscribed to an ISP (empirenet) here in the inland empire, as it is called. Located inland from Los Angeles about 60-75 miles, Yucaipa is a small growing city in the foothills of the Majestic SanBernardino Mountains. I enjoy it because it offers a small-town atmosphere, much like I grew up in, in southern MS. I was born in Laurel, MS and moved to the Gulf Coast (Pascagoula) with my parents when I was in the fifth grade.

Back to my setup. I have a 386 PC, with a 127meg HD & a 548 HD that is partitioned into two smaller HDs. I use Windows 3.1, and Works for Windows. I have Netscape for a browser, and unlimited time ISP account. So, I do a lot of surfing, mostly for genealogy and history.

To correct one thing you mentioned, I am not a descendant of Lawrence Blackwell, directly, that is. I suspect he is a brother or close relative to my direct ancester named Morris Blackwell Sr. The vitals are close enough to be related. Is there any information on Lawrence's siblings? Morris is our family roadblock. This will be shown in the gedcom, which I hope to send you later tonight or tomorrow.

One thing is ironic, though. I have a Blackwell family database and another Blackwell miscellaneous database. After my first visit to your site the other night, I was looking for Lawrence and found him in my family database. He wasn't connected to my family, though. I don't remember where I got the information I have on him and his family, but I have family members that isn't shown on the chart you have on the site. Who would be interested in what I have on him? I don't think anything has sources cited, but the dates match the ones you have.

As for the personal BIO, I am 47 years old, born 12-28-48, in MS to Joseph Carr Hollingsworth and Bonnie Caroldine Blackwell. It is my mother that has done most of the "footwork" on the information I have. She and her older sister have been on genealogy trips to South Carolina, TN, GA, etc. They found in SC a will of Samuel Blackwell, which I have a copy of. Would you like a copy? Will be glad to "snail" you one. Some of it isn't legible to the untrained eye, like mine. It is during to period when people used the Queens English a lot.

Well, enough rambling. If I missed on any of the information you requested, please advise. Oh, I have been separated from my wife for some 3 years now, so have plenty of time to help you in any way I can. I don't understand the html as yet, but could probably learn.

... Ken Hollingsworth

I am hoping that Keith and/or Kevin or someone will take responsibility and maintain this
Descendants of Lawrence Blackwell NC,SC,GA to MS 1796 to Now, web section.
How about it? In the mean time send additions and corrections to Keith and myself DCB
(forwarded to the Blackwell list)
In looking thru all the Blackwell material at your site, I did not see anything related to :

Rev. Thomas Michael Blackwell, M.D. who died in Houston, Chickasaw, MS in 9/8/1865. He was married to Agnes Lenora Carolina Rice in 3/1/1842 in Lauderdale County, TN. He was born 2/12/1813 in NC/SC to Thomas Blackwell and Mary Elizabeth Gause and had 2 siblings according to his father-in-law's will (John Julius Gause of Brunswick, NC). Thomas married again and had more children in TN. Thomas Michael had 10 children:

  1. Eliza Jane Blackwell Grigg b. 1843,
  2. Thomas John Blackwell, b. 1845,
  3. Rachael Gertrude Blackwell Wilkerson b. 1847,
  4. Agnes Lenora Blackwell Greene b. 1849,
  5. Rev. Richard Yeadon Blackwell b. 1851,
  6. William Lucien Blackwell, b. 1853,
  7. Henry Ellen Flowers Blackwell b. 1855 (my husband's grandfather),
  8. James Matthew Blackwell b. 1857,
  9. Mary Elizabeth Blackwell Blackwell b. 1859, and
  10. Eugene Griffin Blackwell b. 1863.

Thomas Michael Blackwell was a doctor in the Civil War in the 31st Mississippi Regiment. I am looking for information on his grandfather, also a Thomas Blackwell and their ancestors. He is apparently from North Carolina.

I am lost in the maze of Blackwell names in South Carolina in the Georgetown and Williamsburg counties in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

I am a novice at Internet geneology so hope I can find my way back to your answer if you do not e-mail me directly.

Betty Blackwell P.O. Box 354 Reliance, WY 82943, March 28, 1997

Hi David, March 25, 1997

I have been so busy with my own pages lately that I have not had time to type anything on the Blackwells. We also have my mother-in-law in a nursing home close by and she has Alzheimer's and that takes a good bit of my time. My daughter and grandkids are now in Germany so I do have a little more time on the internet now.

What I need to know is where do you need my help now? Is anyone else typing any of the articles that you sent to me?
[answer: I have not had any other volunteers. DCB]
I would hate to start typing something and find out that someone else is already doing it. I still do want to help out with this project.

see my homepage listed below. It has my Blackwell line with some photos. --
---- email Pontotoc Co, MS Marshall Co, MS Union Co, MS homepage - genealogy Strother (Kizard) Blackwell TN descendants

I finally got it altogether, now where did I put it!

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