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Robert Blackwell of York Co.VA Descendants (outline)

(This outline is from the Blackwell Newsletter June 1980 and then Blackwell Researcher 1996 January issue.
It in turn is from 'The Old Free State: Lunenburg Co. Virginia Cousins p155-159, via John R. Malone Sr.
also see marriages of Blackwell family in Halifax, Lunenburg, Brunswick  and Mecklenburg Counties Virginia)

Robert V."Van". Blackwell, 3885 Hadley Farm Dr., Marietta, GA 30066-2646, (770)928-9426,, is researching this family. He works on an Apple Macintosh and does not yet have a web browser. He has sent in some of his material. This is a partial outline from the above sources.
Also see the Churchyard/Orr Family for one line of descendant from Robert Blackwell:

Robert Blackwell1 in England. Came to York Co.Virginia in 1645. Married a daughter of Major Joseph Crowshaw.

Robert Blackwell5 (James G4., James3,2, Robert1) b.1730; d.1789. Married 1765 Nov. 15 Elizabeth Goodwin(d.1828) dau. of James Goodwin of Hampton Parish, York Co. VA. Robert bought  a tract of land in Lunenburg Co. from William Raines and settled upon it. Their children are:
  1. Robert Blackwell m Jincey Jone(d.1823) dau. of Reps Jones and had 10 children
  2. Thomas Blackwell m.1795 Marie Bridgforth(d.1820), m2.Susanna ___. Had 12 children.
  3. Chrisianna Blackwell m.Robert Jones, son of Reps Jones and had 3 children.
  4. Nancy Blackwell m. Peter Hawthorne, Jr., (d1821); 6 children.
  5. Chapman Blackwell m.1806 Mar.13 Polly Hatchett; m2.Prudence Jeffreys and moved to Kentucky.
  6. John Blackwell m. Mary Edmundson, dau. of Upton Edmundson (d.1835) and had 6 children.
  7. Joel Blackwell m1.1800 Sally B. Gunn, m.2 Martha F.Dance; had 3 children.
  8. Elizabeth G.Blackwell, m.1796 Cann F.Green and had: William, Henry, and Thomas Green.

Robert Blackwell6 m Jincey Jone(d.1823) dau. of Reps Jones and had 10 children:

  1. Christianne Blackwell m.1816  Thomas H.Jeffreys.
  2. Thomas Blackwell; died young.
  3. Stephen Blackwell m.(1829) Maria W.Winn and moved to Tenn.
  4. Elizabeth G.Blackwell m.1825(?) Theopilus Denton.
  5. Anna J.Blackwell m.1820 Sterling Smith.
  6. James G.Blackwell; moved to Tenn.
  7. John Blackwell; moved to Tenn.
  8. Robert Blackwell; moved to Tenn.
  9. Jane Blackwell died young.
  10. Mary Reps Blackwell.

Thomas Blackwell6 m1.1795 Marie Bridgeforth(d.1820), m2.Susanna ___. Had 12 children.

  1. Nancy Blackwell
  2. Robert Blackwell
  3. John Blackwell
  4. Maria Blackwell m. John Booth.
  5. Joel Blackwell m1830 his cousin Sallie Blackwell, dau. of Joel and Sally B.(Gunn) Blackwell.
  6. James G.Blackwell m.1830 Mary R.Williams.
  7. Jane Blackwell
  8. Louis Blackwell
  9. Martha E.Blackwell m.1829 Thomas D. Fisher; moved to Tenn.
  10. William Blackwell
  11. Edward Blackwell (possible link to Vernon K. Martin's Edward Blackwell link)
  12. Sarah Blackwell; died young.

John Blackwell6 m. Mary Edmundson, dau. of Upton Edmundson (d.1835) and had 6 children:

  1. Elizabeth G.Blackwell m.1815 Robert Blackwell Jones her cousin.
  2. Benjamin Blackwell m Elizabeth W. Jones his cousin.
  3. Robert Blackwell m.1830 Minerva Hardy dau. of Vincent Hardy.
  4. Susan Blackwell m William Wilkinson.
  5. John Blackwell m.Mary Letcher.
  6. Thomas Blackwell m1841 Martha A.Hardy.

Joel Blackwell6 m1.1800 Sally B. Gunn, m.2 Martha F.Dance; had 3 children.

  1. Sallie  Blackwell, m.1830 cousin Joel Blackwell.
  2. Henrietta Blackwell m.Capt.William Williams
  3. William Fletcher  Blackwell m. Miss ___ Ferguston

Robert Blackwell7 (John6, Robert5, James G4., James3,2, Robert1) m.1830 Minerva Hardy dau. of Vincent Hardy.

Hello Jeff Martin, Dec.23, 1996
>I am researching my 5th great grandfather Jesse Blackwell. Jesse married Mary Crow in 1776 in Goochland County, Virginia. Their daughter, Sarah Blackwell was born February 27, 1790 in Virginia and married Noah E. Stafford about 1806 in Roane County, TN. Noah Stafford was born in South Carolina on Sept. 3, 1782.
Can you tell me anything about Jesse Blackwell or point me in a direction that you feel might be a promising avenue?
Thank you for your assistance.Best regards, Jeff Martin
Did you look at my Blackwell web site:
The above names seem familiar. Other researchers are looking. Everything I have is on the web site.

Can you tell me where you found me and Can you tell me your address and whole lineage to Jesse?
I will post your query and look for Jesse, later when I have more time.

Best Regards, and a Merry Christmas, David C. Blackwell Dec. 1996

I am searching for info, ancestors of Sarah BLACKWELL born about 1753, married John R RICHARDSON in 1769 in VA. Their son, John R, married Elizabeth Anne GUNN in 1795 in Lunenburg Co VA. Please contact by e-mail:, George Turnipseed.via Blackwell Email List .Jan.29, 1997.
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