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Blackwell Wills

at Lichfield (Dioceses) Joint Record Office

Ralph Blackwell d.1801 Eyam miner of Windmill and
Mary Blackwell d.1823 Eyam wife of Ralph (d.1801)

Francis Blackwell 1826 of Alport Youlgreave and his wife
Elizabeth Blackwell 1831 wife of Francis(d.1826) of Alport Bakewell, DBY

Thomas Blackwell 1846 of miner Great Hucklow, eighth owner of miner, Hannah Oldfield his niece.

Anthony Blackwell 1667 of Eyam, his son Francis (see Eyam Blackwells for issue)

Mathew Blackwell 1697 of Litton, Ann his widow. Arthur Hill stocking maker is administrator, William Oldfield and Samuel Eaton signed the inventory worth 3 pounds 7 shilling.

John Blackwell 1698/9 of Monyash, mentions his sister Annis Poale (thirty shillings a year one barn and 2 acres and wood inTideswell) and sister in law Mary Blackwell (twenty shilling). Also gives 10 pounds to John and Anthony Blackwell sons of George Blackwell Bequeths allmy land (2 acres) to Humphrey Blackwell  (son of Humphrey) of Monyash. Mentions Ralph and Jane Blackwell of Windmill (Hucklow, Hope). Witnessed Thomas Stanley, John Frost, and Hugh Goodwin

George Blackwell 1687 see Litton Blackwells for issue and details

George Blackwell 1814 probate, widower of Tideswell, his son and heir George labourer. Witnesses Joseph Winterbotham miner, and John Nichols weaver.

Edmund Blackwell 1677 husbandman of Great Longston (complicated more later. DCB). His wife Ann, his brother Henry of Winster (see Taddington Blackwells) witnesses R.Spencer and Sarah Spenser.

Richard Blackwell 1706 of Taddington. (see Taddington Blackwells)

Davenport Blackwell 1775 of Great Longston. mentions Josiah Blackwell(and his son Francis) and Davenport Blackwell (d.1787) (and his wife Mary) as joint executors see Taddington Blackwells

Thomas Blackwell 1691 of Great Longston see Taddington - Longston Blackwells

William Blackwell 1707 of Ashford in Bakewell. see (Taddington Blackwells)

Blackwell - Blackwall Wills

from Sheffield Record Office Bagshaw Collection

Richard Blackwell 1503 of Blackwell (item 1302) see Richard and Agnes Blackwell

Richard Blackwell 1593/4 of Rydware Hampstall, Staffordshire (item 1305)

Others to come.This is about half of what I have copies of.

Work in progress 1985..1996; email
compiled by David Craig Blackwell, dcblackwell at gmail dot com