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Pre 1500 Blackwells

Blackwell may have been a pre Conquest Family but it is imposible to know.
For information on pre Conquest England see this site: and and
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			Early Derbyshire Blackwells 
This is a very cryptic set of notes, I need to work on it more.
work in progress 1993-1996								Maurice
David C. Blackwell									Reginald and
72 Center St. 										Leofric Blackwell 
											fined for harboring Glibert an enemy of the King.
Groveland, Mass. 01834								p117 v1

											Isabella Blackwell
											m. ___
											of Alfredton

									Ralph  tenant 1205 Chesham (PB)

								Robert temp 40 Henry III (1216-1267)
								William de la Blakewell and Simon Le Campion witness deed circa 1250
								source History Of Totteridge, also rents of land at "Tatterugge" 1277.
							also 1317 deed witnessed by Richard Blakewell
							and 1357 land held by John de Blakewell.
							later William Blackwell clerk of London and his wife Margaret (Campion) 
							in 1548 buys lands in Toteridge
							Nicholas de Blacquell of Robert fitz Reginaldi de Litton 
							      late 13th cent. (Foljambe p192 DG1547
							Sir John Blackwell smothered at coronation of Edward II July 7 1307
							This link is very suspicious and confusing.
							Sir John m. Cecialia  (d.1328).
							Her will mentions only her son Thomas and daughter Lucy.
							Arms: Paly of six, or and az; on a chief, gu, a lion passant, 
								guardant, or, all within a bordure ermine BN v6p23.
							Crest: A swan's head and neck, erased, arg, ducally gorged, or.
							Motto: Petit, ardua virtus.
							Heraldic Swan may indicate service with Bohun family.
							Stow says re. Austin Friars is bur. Sir John and his wife 
								Dame Jane Sayne d.o. Sir John Lee.
						Ralph  The idea that his father is Sir John is very questionable
						Stephen fil Blackwell died holding 18 acres 
						Richard le Heir took it 10 EIII 1337 p.398v4
.					Adam temp Richard II 1385 (1377-1399)
					witnessed a grant in 1375 DG#1550.
				Henry Blackwell of Blackwell grant  in Eyam in Ryleye 1438, release 1442 DG#1252,4
				Jone sister & heir of Henry Blackwell m Richard Osbaldston BNv5 1983p12 Ox.V.1594
				John fil Adam de Blackwell gave to Welbec a toft in Chesterfield 1450 28 H6 p316
				Robert m ____  Poole in 1408
				Robert de Blackwell grant of a croft and 6 acres in Chesterfiled & Newbold 
				     from Wm. Bates 1448  26H6 p315
			William m ___ Meverall of Throwley temp Edward IV (1461-1483)
			Wm le Boler de Blacwell & Elena his wife a grant of moity of land in Bagschag in villa de Boudon.
			Wm Blackwell of Tideswell yeoman 13s4d at Tideswell 1432 p501 v2 Inquest of Knights Fees
			Robert Blackwell of Cowdale 13s4d & Taddington 13s4d 1432 10H6 1422-61 p499,500v2 IKF 
		John temp Richard III (1483-1485) He was a Yorkist
		Richard Blackwell of Wirksworth (grant of land from) 1472 DG#2684,#1007,8 grant to RB of lands 
		       in Bradmer, Staunford Notts,etc, Liecs & Derby.
		Oliver and Nicholas  Blackell on a grant of land 1483 DG#957 form Laurence Lowe to Lowes and Blackwells.
		Oliver Blackwell Rector of Barton-in-the-Beans(Leics.) and
		Nicholas Blackwell Vicar of Beston are recorded on a quitclaim 1487 May 10 DD23 Sheffield Est.Records
			with George, Thomas, and Otiwell Lowe, William Oldham, Thom.Townsend, and Thom.Adenbro
			Ranulph Davenport Parson of Wilmslow, Halfrid Davy Parson of Swettenham, Thomas Fiton 
			of Carthyn, Richard Newton of Newton (and his sons Humfrid and Mottram [St.] Andrew 
			(all Cheshire), feoffees of Laurence Lowe. re. land in Ashbourne,Compton,Clifton, Bradley, etc.
	Robert m Isabel sis. of Sir Robert Litton subtreasurer Henry VII(1485-1509)
	Milo Blackwell letter of attorney 1487 to deliver and seisin of land in Smalley DG#2123
	Brothers George and Richard Blakwell received 20 s. from Oliver Manningham will of 1499(Delafield Gen.),
	also Robert Blakwell clerk one of the Masters of the King's Chancery is an executor PCC35 Horne.
	Oliver Manningham is reported a frequently jailed and pardoned knight during the War of the Roses.
This Robert Blackwell reportedly delivered the Great Seal of England to Richard III at Grantham in 1483 according to Kendall's Richard the Third. Richard d.1506 m. Agnes d.o. John Tunstead (see the outline on their descendants). Note the Bolded names are those in the Kirk Ireton lineage courtesy of John Blackwall of K.I. Other information is from Philip Blackwells list of early Blackwells and from my own research. DG: is Derbyshire Grants 1906. Additional Chesterfield Blackwells Thurston and Johnanna Blakwall of Chesterfield sale of tenement call Hartle in Chesterfiled DG#858; power of attorney DG#857 in 1478 Thomas__! John Blackwell chaplain of Dronfield on lease 1487 DG#2479 land in Wadshelf, Unstone. chauntry priest of Dronfiled re. lease 1506/7 DG#265 of grange called Harwod (in Beeley) for 80 years, rent 40s from John Norton Abbot of Beauchielf Convent. Christopher Blackwell Thomas__| Elzabeth! Robert Blackwell John____| Agnes___! Elizabeth Blackwell m. George Hethcote of Chesterfield 1562 p357