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Robert Blackwell of Bedfordshire, will dated 1515

Notes on the 1515 will and the undated codicil - will proved 1520. (from Jack Davis via DLB)

Mentions first wife Mary, deceased; daughters Barbara, Alice (a nun), and Jane; son George; second wife Joan, and son Henry. Also brother Sir William, executor, of Stevenage, Herts., brother Ralph, brother Edmund Griffen (would this be the brother of his first or second wife? DCB), and cousin John Castell.

Robert Blackwell married twice, first to Mary (perhaps Griffen), secondly to Joan.

Robert married secondly Joan and apparently had

Another item mentioning Robert Blackwell is this:

The record of committment obtained by Sir Robert Litton before the King (8 Henry VII) in Exchequer for the holding of the manner of Colde Kennyngton by Richard Bottiler, gent. and Robert Blackwall, gent., both of London, for a period of ten years. Bottiler tied in with Manninghams, I (DLB) believe.