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Blackwell Family of Bushey (near Watford)

from the Blackwell notes file at Society of Genealogist London.
source "...." by E. Grant .....published 1970 as Appendix 1 page 29. also
Robert Clutterbuck's The History and Antiquities of the County Hertford (vol 1, pages 334-5)
and wills abstracted by Debretts.

Robert Blackwell of Bushey (lord of the manor 1573-80)

Note. some members of the family have been excluded because very little is known about them.

The two people marked * were members of the Volunteer Committe in 1643 (i.e. were strong suporters of Parliment).

I am looking for information on a Mary Blackwell, born ca 1609, in Hertford, England, daughter of a Richard Blackwell and Elizabeth. Mary married John Brockett , supposedly, in St. Michaels, Hertford, England, in 1635. Do you have any data on Richard and his daughter, Mary? I accessed your "Notebook" yesterday, Sun. the 29th, but today I couldn't access it through AOL. It kept denying access. Otherwise, I would be trying to go through the material you have online. The Brockett line was also in Hertfordshire. John Brockett is affiliated with Brockett Hall of that area. Thank you for any time you spend looking for data. Dec.30, 1996 --------------------------------

Mary Blackwell (Richard,George,Robert) is a possible match. More research is needed to document that this Mary Blackwell is the one you are looking for. Can you tell us more about the descendants of your Mary (Blackwell) Brockett? especially dates, locations, occupations. Best Regards David C. Blackwell Dec.31, 1996

This coming weekend I'll E-Mail from the Brockett book on the descendants of Mary Blackwell and John Brockett from Connecticut., Jan. 9, 1997

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