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Who are the parents of Samuel Blackwell of Georgetown SC who married Elizabeth Dozier?

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Date: Saturday, September 21, 1996
Hello, My name is Richard Duke and have been searching my family history for several months. I have gone back as far as Margaret Blackwell (dau. of Samuel Blackwell) and hit a wall. Samuel is my 5-G Grandfather. His daughter, Margaret was married to 1st: Mr. Duke, 2nd: Adair, 3rd: John McClary. (This is mentioned in a book, "History of the Old Cheraws" by Gregg, pages 602 & 603). The above mentioned took place in Prince Frederick Parish (now Williamsburg Co., S.C.)

I am searching for information on this Mr. Duke (parents, siblings, children). He and Margaret Blackwell had at least one son named Thomas Duke (my line) who married Mary Hamilton McClary. (dau. of John McClary).

I am also searching for information on Samuel Blackwell. I haven't been able to link him with any of the Blackwells on your Genealogy Page. Any help on this greatly appreciated. Thanks

Richard E. Duke Rt. 1 Box 120 New Zion, S. C. 29111

Listed below is how the lines go and it is also in Blackwell Researcher 1991 Q3, 1993 Q3, and 1994 Q3:

Where Mrs. Noel Brown McClure of Texas says: "The Blackwell who came to South Carolina settled in Haddrel's pont, now called Mt.pleasant, near Charlestown. They married into the family of Whites of White's Bridge fame. Previous to the Revolutionary war, the White who married a Blackwell was a member of the Indigo Society, one the first societies of educated men formed in the state. The Blackwells also settled near Georgetown and took up lands on Black Mingo Creek. They became rice planters and were there when the war broke out. Samuel Blackwell and his oldest son, Thomas were in the war under General Marion. Thomas Blackwell was commissary officer in Marion's Brigade. The house of Samuel Blackwell was burned and his slaves stolen."

note this may be from an article in the William and Mary Quarterly but the reference is unclear.

Samuel Blackwell Sr. bca.1735 Georgetown SC, dca1791 Black Mingo SC;
m.Elizabeth Dozier b.1737 Apr.30, died 1820-26,
dau. of Leonard Dozier III(b.1710 Lundenburg VA,d1785, m.Ann Gayle, son of Leonard Dozier II b1680 d1733 Richmond Co.VA and Elizabeth; Leonard Dozier I is said to have been born in France and died 1693).

Mrs. McClure goes on to say: A daughter who first married a Mr. Duke, second an Adair, and finally Mr. McLeary, all of Williamburg.

There is no mention of Elizabeth, believed to be the daughter of Samuel Blackwell and said to have married Jacob Dunham. However, the Dunham records state that: Jacob Dunham married Elizabeth Blackwell, of Georgetown district,S.C. and of the union two children born:

Then the records state the "Thomas Blackwell Dunham lost his mother at a young and tender age and was placed in the home of his uncle Michael Blackwell. Eugene Blackwell editor of the Blackwell Researcher from which this comes states his notes say that Elizabeth is the daughter of Samuel Blackwell Jr.

The 1993 Blackwell Researcher Q3 has this lineage of
Jerome J. Hale, 5536 Atlantic View, St.Augustine, FL 32084:

  1. Samuel Blackwell Sr. bca.1735, dca1791, m.Elizabeth Dozier b.1737 Apr.30, died 1820-26.
  2. Samuel Blackwell Jr.,b.1774 Aug.21, Georgetown S.C.,d.1823 Feb.14, Darlington Co.SC,
    m.Mary Ann Hamlin d.o.John and Joanna(White) Hamlin.
  3. Martha Johnson Blackwell, b.1811 S.C.,(d.1879 ?Camden AR), m.1830 Eli Hugh Lide,
  4. Margaret Hartwell Lide, b.1839 Carlowville, AL, m.1859 Joseph White Hale Sr.
  5. Lawrence Dawson Hale b.1878 Montgomery AL, d.1954 Altanta GA
  6. ---
  7. Jerome J. Hale, 5536 Atlantic View, St.Augustine, FL 32084

[note: I'll try to find more later.- ed. DCB]

Hi David, Thanks for the info on the Blackwell Fam. I'll write to Mr. Hale, and let you know.

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