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Does anyone know the ancestry of Richard Blackwall who went to India in the late 17th century? The following information comes from a 1922 letter from a Fanny E. Penny of 3 Park Hill, Ealing, W.5. to a Captain Blackwall.

"You will find the story of Richard Blackwall and Porto Novo in Wheeler's 'Madras in Olden Time' Chapter XII 1692-1698, in which the author gives an extract from the Consultations, Ft. St. George.

Blackwall was accused of a design to give Ft. St. David to Lufilcar Khan (see also Chap XXV 1711-12).

Richard Blackwall came out as Surgeon's Mate on the S. Resolution.
1688 (27 Sept) Richard Blackwall and Sarah Halloway were married at Ft. St. Geo:. (Probably she was the widow of Dr. Halloway of the Company's Service No historical proof).
1693 R.B. appointed Surgeon at Ft. St. David.
1694 Dr. Faucet superseded Dr. Blackwall at Ft. St. David.
1695 Dr. B. was permitted by the Cy. to practise as an Attorney in the Court.
1697 Dr. B. was sent to "West Coast" Sumatra. There he must have died as in
1699 Sarah Blackwall was resident at Ft. St. David (with the Cy's consent) as a widow.


Since the correspondence was between people interested in the descendants of the Kirk Ireton Blackwalls (the letters also discuss Blackwalls who emigrated to Canada), it is possible that the above Richard was from that Derbyshire family.