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Alan Wayne Blackwell 0756 795665 (addresses as of 1993)
29 Lytham Gardens,
Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 2TR
and his brother
Steve Blackwell 0352 763137
58 Chester St.
Flint, Clywd, Wales, CH6 5BH
and brothers Michael and Andrew are descendants of :

Henry Blackwell ca. 1675, a lead miner of the Peak.

They are looking for ancestors and cousins.

Note you might be able to contact Mike via his pub which posted this message on compuserve:

Message: #829282, S/2 U.S. Surnames A-G
Date: Thu, May 23, 1996 06:47:11

Subj: BLACKWELL, World wide Section: UK&Irish Genealogy
To: To All 23 May 1996 10:48:17
From: Martin JACKSON, 100710.3646 #829278
That is

To All:

Michael BLACKWELL came into my Pub the other day and I offered to place his interest on the Forum, replies to me, please. He is searching for All BLACKWELLs, but specifically those in North Wales who came as Lead-Miners from Derbyshire in the 18c. where they had been experts for centuries. They came and they stayed, along with many others!  Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Martin  Jackson [living in North Wales, running 'The Best Pub in Wales 1995']

Searching :-- BULL, JACKSON, HOLLOWAY, TIPPER, -- all Derbyshire, U.K.
HEALY, LENANE, FITZGERALD, -- Wexford, Galway & Cork, IRL

David, (relayed via Van Blackwell who monitors compuserve)

I found the following message in the CompuServe Genealogical forum in Section 10 - English/Scot./Wales and thought you'd like to see it.

Message: #892217, S/10 England/Scot./Wales
Date: Tue, Aug 27, 1996 08:05:14
Subject: BLACKWELL, Kirk Ireton
From: Martin JACKSON 100710,3646 (That is

To: All:

On behalf of Steve Blackwell, of Mold, Flintshire, N.Wales, I am posting the following letter : Replies to me, please.

BLACKWELLS from Derbyshire to N.Wales.
We are particularly interested in the Kirk Ireton connection. We believe Blackwells / Blackwalls, lead miners from Kirk Ireton may have settled in Yscefiog, North Wales in about 1670.

Henrici Blackwell was lead-mining in Yscefiog in 1675, but he is not recorded as being born or christened in that Parish, he had a brother, William and his wife was Anne. My family are direct decendents of Henrici Blackwell.

We found [source - Parish Register at Derbyshire C.R.O.] a Henry, son of Anthony, bapt. October 28 1641 in Kirk Ireton, but he was not buried in Derbyshire. He also had a brother, William. Unfortunatley we cannot find the marriage of Henry and Anne.

Could anyone provide us with any further information regarding the Blackwells in Kirk Ireton, as we are desperate to prove the link.

Regards... Steve Blackwell.

Replies to Martin Jackson, please. (That is

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