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Blackwell Newsletter Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979 pgs 3-4.

Blackwell's from Germany

The following information comes to us from Mrs. A. A. McDougle, 214 E. Edmonds, San Antonio, Texas, 78214:

JOHN BLACKWELL was born about 1750, came from Germany to South Carolina (this is not authentic). His wife is unknown.


1. Jesse Blackwell born about 1770

2. John Blackwell

3. William Blackwell

4. Ambors Blackwell - there was an Ambrose Blackwell in Franklin Co., GA in 1795, 1799, & 1824; in Newton Co., GA 1830; in 1850 Murray Co., GA, Ambros H. and 1850 Fayette Co., GA. Ambrose Blackwell. (It has not been established if this is our Ambros Blackwell).

5. Kizziae Blackwell married a Morris.

6. Leah Blackwell married a Pettigrew and Satterwhite.


Edwin Pettigrew born 1803 - There was an Edwin Pettigrew in Hall Co., GA in 1829, 1832 & 1833 - no other records.

Bennett Pettigrew born Oct. 25, 181_ (These birthdates are from the Blackwell Bible). There was a Bennett Pettigrew in Monroe Co, TN in 1830 & 1840. A Bennett Pettigrew married in Hall Co, GA Jan. 27, 1825 Bertha Coddle.

1850 census of Hamilton Co, TN

1010 - Bennett Petgrew 49 VA (These lived mostly in Franklin, Hall, Habersham & Lumpkin Cos. In GA)

Tabitha 49 NC

John 18

James 16

Newton 14

Bennett 11

Mary 9

Elizabeth 7

Jane 3

1860 census of Hamilton Co, TN

Bennett Petigrew 58

John 27

Newton 22

Bennett 20

Mary 18

Sarah 15

Jane 12

(It has not been proven that this is our Bennett Pettigrew)

7. Elizabeth Blackwell married a Sosbee.

8. Charity Blackwell married a Trimble.

Deeds of Franklin Co, GA 10-5-1801

John Trimble and wife, Charity to David Clark. $200 - 185 acres on Grove Fork of Broad River, it being part of a grant of 730 acres to John Fergus the date not known. Wit: John Boswell, John Martin. Recorded 10-10-1801.

BLACKWELL NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979, pg. 4.

The second item comes to us from Mr. Charles M. Blackwell, 6578 E. Brainerd Rd., Chattanooga, TN, 37421:

In 1974 while visiting a relative, I copied the following from some old family records -

John Blackwell came from Germany to South Carolina. Had 4 sons: Jesse, John, William, & Ambors; and

4 daughters - Kizziah who married a Morrise, Leah married first a Petigrew, second a Satterwhite, Elizabeth married a (?) Sosbee, and Charity married a Trimble … Jesse Blackwell married a Miller. Had 3 sons - William, Lindsey, & Jedidiah, and 5 daughter - Nancy & Mary both married Hensleys; Susie married a Harper; Elizabeth married Brooks, & Charity married Bowers. Jesse Blackwell's son, William was born January 8, 1792; married Rebecca Lindsay, Feb. 1, 1816, Franklin Co, GA. They moved to Hall County, GA in 1820. In1834 they moved to Hamilton Co, TN; they had 10 children and 55 grandchildren. (Mr. C.M. Blackwell also notes that Mrs. A.A. McDougle, San Antonio, TX, (see previous item) has a detailed listing of the descendants of Jesse Blackwell's son, Jedidiah.

BLACKWELL NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979, pg. 4-5.

A lady in England researching her Blackwell ancestors

Miss Elizabeth M. Hoskins, 49, Jubilee Road, Stokenchurch, High Wycombe, Bucks., England, HP 14 SH, (36 miles from London) is busy researching Blackwell's in the Devon area. She is also connected with a family at Stokenchurch, Bucks. (formerly in Oxfordshire). She notes that the name "Blackwell" is or was quite common in the county of Gloucestershire. Miss Hoskings traces her line back to the late 18th century.

Jacob & Thomason Hoskings (dates ?)

William & Mary Hoskings, married 1810, Stoke Damerell

John Hoskings married Rachel Blackwell (born, 1813), daughter of James & Sarah Blackwell (dates ?), at Parish Church of Charles Plymouth. (John Hoskings was bapt. 1839 at East Stonehouse).

John Blackwell Hoskings (1839-1910) married Harriet Ellis in 1874.

Children: John William (1875-76), James Richard b. 1876, Harry (1878-79), John Henry 1883-1961.

The following is Miss Hoskings list of Blackwell's (with birth dates):

Samuel Lang Blackwell, son of Edward & Peggr B, born 20.2.1803.

Thomas B., son of Edward & Peggy B., born 13.7.1805.

Frederick b., son of Ed. & Peg. B., born 13.8.1807.

Jane, daughter of Wm. & Mary Hoskings, born 1.5.1811.

Wm., son of Wm. & Mary Hoskings, b. 16.1.1813.

John, son of Wm. & Mary H., b. 21.1.1815.

Mary Blackwell, dau. of Wm. Delatour Blackwell and Jane, his wife, of the parish of Neithrop, Oxford. B. 30.11.1824.

Kane Elizabeth B., dau. of Wm. Delatour B. and wife, Jane, registered 3.9.1830.

Delatour Corymgour (sic) Blackwell, as above, b. 25.3.1827.

Samuel Nicholson Blackwell, b. 30.12.1832.

Wm. Edward Blackwell, son of Wm. Delatour & Jane, b. 1.10.1832.

Elizabeth Amy Blackwell, dau. of SLB & Grace, born, 19.12.1834.

John Rund Blackwell, son of above, b. 22.2.1836.

The following names come from the records of East Stonehouse:

John Arberry, married at Somerset, plus dau. Eliza Blackwell; Edward Blackwell superannuated shipwright; Frederick, carver & guilder; Catherine; Thomas Blackwell, bookseller & printer; Emma B.; Edward Richard, carver & guilder; Thomas John, apprentice; John Delatour, apprentice; James Webb; John Delatour; Charles Edwin; Samuel Lang; Frederick Arbher (?); Mary Witfill, nurse.

BLACKWELL NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979, pg. 6.

Irish Blackwell's to Boston, 1849

(Mr. Alfred P. O'Brien of La Grange Park, IL, has kindly sent along the following information for our readers.)

The source of this information is A LIST OF ALIEN PASSENGERS, BONDED JAN. 1, 1847 TO JAN. 1, 1851, FOR THE USE OF THE OVERSEER OF THE POOR IN THE COMMON/WEALTH, by J.B. Munroe. Baltimore, MD, 1971: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1971.

Edward Blackwell 23 Ship Hope 11-26-1849

Henry Blackwell 5 Brig Rebecca 6-11-1849

Honora 12

James 12

John 10

Mary 8

Robert 7

Thomas 10 mos. (This information is found on pages 7, 8, 10-12, of the above mentioned text.)

As Mr. O'Brien comments in his letter, "obviously, the large family of children on the Brig Rebecca came with a relative with another name, since no parents are listed."

Mr. O'Brien adds that in the August 1965 CIVIL WAR TIMES ILLUSTRATED there is an article on Dorothea Dix who was superintendent of Women Nurses. In the article, correspondence is mentioned between her and the nation's first woman doctor, ELIZABETH BLACKWELL, head of the New York Infirmary for Women & Children.

She asked 'Will you train nurses in your hospital for service in the U.S. Army.' Dr. Blackwell replied, 'not in my hospital, but at Bellevue, so the male surgeons may take credit.'

Perhaps some of our readers will be able to locate this article.

BLACKWELL NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979, pg. 7.

Blackwell's in Ireland

The surname Blackwell has long been associated with the Emerald Isle. Several Blackwell's appeared in Ireland during the Cromwellian era (mid-seventeenth century) but Dr. Edward MacLysaght, a noted Irish genealogist and former Chief Herald and Genealogical Officer of the Irish Office of Arms, has found evidence of Blackwell's in Ireland prior to that time. By far the most colourful was James Bartholomew Alexander Blackwell (1764-1822); he came from Ennis, Co. Clare (Ireland), and became a distinguished officer in Napoleon's army. There are still a few Blackwell families scattered throughout Ireland.

BLACKWELL NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979, pg. 7.

Blackwell's in Scotland

The name Blackwell has also made its appearance in Scotland. Anyone who has surveyed the general literature of who's who will have come across references to Thomas Blackwell (1701-1757), a prominent classical scholar; there was also Alexander Blackwell (d. 1749), a Scottish physician and economist.

BLACKWELL NEWSLETTER Vol. 1, Nos. 1 & 2, June 1979, pg. 7.

Blackwell's in Canada

Well by now you all know that there is at least one Blackwell in Canada. I am far from the first one here. In the early 19th century Blackwell families appeared in what is now Ontario (then Upper Canada and later Canada West) in the areas of London (London Township and Biddulph Township), Bruce County, the Lindsay area, Toronto and Niagara Falls; also in the Ottawa area. There was also at least one Blackwell family in the Montreal area by the later 19th century. In the first part of the 19th century, only a few Blackwell families appear to have settled in Canada. They were for the most part Irish in origin but several families were from England. Today, the telephone directories of Canada's major cities contain a healthy representation of the name. But many of these families' presence here is the result of very recent emigration from England.