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Blackwell and Outfield(Oldfield) Family Connections
(circa 1598 - 1632)

A group of lands reconds in the Bagshaw collection at Sheffield Record Office show the following 4 generations of Outfields and associations with the Blackwell family who are in the William Blackwell court case of 1588.

Thomas1 Outfield (aka Oldfield) marries Ellen Barton.  B.2199 feoffment. Latin. dated 13th August 1588 shows Ellen Outfield of Outfield, widow, late wife of Thomas Outfield, to William Outfield, her son.  Two parts of a messuage and croft in Wheston, the whole of which belonged to her brother, John Barton, deceased and descended to his three co-heirs: the said Ellen, Emmote Rossell wife of Roger Rossell of Kirkehallen, and Joan  wife of James Firth of Sherbrock, Emmote's part having since come to Ellen. These show two sons William who was granted Thomas's fee farm in B2056 in 1597/8, and Anthony Outfield:

Work in Progress DCB
I would like to have any information people have on the Oldfield Family of Derbyshire.

David; On Oct. 24 1995 you wrote;

>My Oldfield interest in only in Oldfields in Derbyshire England.
>I'll keep your note on Pockington, York. to Ontario Oldfileds on file.
>Sorry for the delay. My email address has changed and its been busy.

I can't believe its been a year since we exchanged email! Where does the time go???? ............anyway..... I have been contacted by Gaye Cook at She is interested in Oldfields also. She is living in Brisbaine Australia. Her area of interest is Halifax Yorkshire (not far from Pocklington), and while looking at the IGI addendum I noticed several enteries from Derby ( darby they say ). Would you send me info on more precise localities, and I'll email you what info I find. Unless of course you have already done that for yourself.

.................................ray  <> Murray Burley - Sept.23, 1996

Another Oldfield descendant looking for the origins of her grandfather Lee Oldfield (via letter 2-3-97)-
Gwen A. Woods, 1530 Glenwood Lane, Ishpeming, MI 49849
(906) 486-7657
Lee Oldfield m. Mary Katherine West (d.1988/9)

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