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Spring 1996

Hi, David, here are three files with data that you are welcome to use in whatever form you can.

  1. A chapter on my own line (which portion you can delete if you want to) in North Leigh, Oxon, and the Blackwell family that my manyGG-father married into. Some notes on the Blackwells of that family.blqlwrd3.htm or blqlwrd3.txt
  2. A summary of other Blackwells in the same general area, mostly from the 1984 IGI, but with additional information put in time sequence by locality. blqlox7.txt
  3. Data extracted from Banbury parish records by Bill Mander, a correspondent of mine (and a possible distant cousin) in the UK. (see below)

Some of this material overlaps a bit, but not too much.

I have some other notes on Blackwells, but they are complete non-organized at this time. Some day, probably several years down the pike, I expect to be able to collate the information. If I have a chance to put -any- bits of it together, I'll forward a copy to you.

It seems to me that every little bit may help, and it may help someone that we never even knew.

Yours, Michael Ward, <> San Jose, California 6-4-96

Additional notes on Blackwells of Oxfordshire, extracted from parish records by Bill Mander (UK) and forwarded by Michael Ward ( 6/4/96

Parish of Banbury - Volume One (1558-1653)

Blackwell - Baptisms.


Marriages - 1558 - 1724

Banbury Marriages 1724-1790
Blackwell - Marriages.

Banbury 1653 - 1723
Blackwell - Baptisms.

Blackwell - Burials.

Comment by David Blackwell (1996): somewhere I have some notes on the Basil Blackwell family who founded and owns Blackwell Bookstore in Oxford. Basil Blackwell was only able to trace his descent from the early 1800's if I remember correctly. When I find my notes I will add them in, or perhaps Miles Blackwell or another of that family can email to me information on the Basil Blackwell family.

Basil Blackwell sent this note to the Blackwell Newsletter edited by John D. Blackwell in 1980:

Oxfordshire Blackwells:

From the Registers of New Road Baptist Charch in Oxford, England:

Blackwells of Woodford Enstone, Oxon.:- John Blackwell carpenter and wheelwright, also the village vet. of Woodford Enstone, Oxon. His daughter was born 1879; there were also two more daughters and two sons; one daughter and one son were blind. John Blackwell married Annie Hawtin, who was his first cousin. The Hawtin family were also carpenters and wheelwrights. John Blackwell died at the age of 48.

Blackwell's 1879-1979: The History of a Family Firm by Sir Arthur L.P.Norrington. pub Oxford: B.H.Blackwell Ltd, 1983, 204 pp. ISBBN 0 946344 00 0.

Basil Blackwell died April 9, 1984. He was chairman of B.H. Blackwell Ltd from 1924 to 1969. A profile of him is in The New Yorker, 31 Oct. 1964 pp63-126 titled "Quiiet, Beneficent Things" by Ved Mehta. His Obituaries are in:

Benjamin Henry Blackwell first set up as a bookseller in Oxford in 1846

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