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Blackwells of Taddington in Derbyshire

An outline of work in progress 1993-96 compiled by David Craig Blackwell

The index of Derbyshire Deeds at the Derby Local History Library shows the following: (note their may be some confusion between Blackwall in Kirk Ireton and Blackwell in Taddington since they are both spelt Blackwall).

Richard Blackwell of Taddigton is buried 1663 Feb.18. His wife Elizabeth is buried 1653 Nov.8. Their children baptized in Taddington are:

  1. Ralph bp. 1644 July
  2. Margaret bp.1646 Dec.16.
  3. Grace buried 1659 June 7

Christopher and Ann(buried 1662 July 22) Blackwell of Taddington have the following 9 children baptised:

  1. infant buried 1644.
  2. Richard bp. 1646 July 2, buried 1663 Mar.15.
  3. Thomas bp.1648 Feb.4.
  4. Gracia bp.1649 Mar.11, buried 1653 July 1.
  5. Agnes bp.1653 Oct.9.
  6. Jana bp.1654 June 29, buried 1656 Jan.11 & 16.
  7. Alicia bp.1656 Nov.
  8. daughter bp.1658 Apr.
  9. Ellen bp.1662 July 22.

Andrew (Andreas) Blackwell of Taddington married 1651 Mar. 17 Anna Douglas. Their children baptised in Taddington are:

  1. Richard bp.1651 Nov.18 & 29
  2. George bp.1653
  3. William bp.1657 May 6.
  4. Ralph bp.1669 Mar20
  5. Margaret bp.1672 Jul.21

In addition the IGI shows the following :

Richard Blackwell of Taddington married 1660 Feb.25 Anne Goodwin. He died 1706 (Lichfield wills). His will names three son and three daughters.

Other Taddington Blackwells that appear in the IGI are:

The IGI show the following in nearby Chelmorten

Richard Blackwell m. Elizabeth Goodwin on 1701 Oct.20

  1. daughter bp.1696 Aug.16
  2. Jane bp.1703 Sep.5
  3. Alice bp.1706 Mar.26
  4. Elizabeth bp.1709 May 1

Thomas Blackwell

  1. Mary bap.1715 July 28

Many Blackwells are in Ashford.

William Blackwell of Flagg has a probate in 1720 which leaves as heirs and executors Richard Blackwell of Chestfield, Richard Goodwin of Chelmorten and Robert Platts of Flagg. They are perhaps his son and son in law or perhaps nephews. The inventory signed for by Thomas Blackwell, George Lomas, and Thomas Gyb was valued 30 pounds. It included one cow and 3 heifers & 30 sheep. (Chelmorton is next to Taddington).

Note William Blackwell of Flagg is in the hearth tax of 1662-70

Mr. Steve Blackwell descendant of Henry Blackwell ca. 1675, lead miner of the Peak.

58 Chester St.
Flint, Clywd, Wales
CH6 5BH 0352 763137

Mr. John M.Blackwell son of John Francis Blackwell son of Richard Blackwell (m. Beatrice Smith )son of Richard Blackwell( m. Eliz.Kirkham, res. Parwich Derbys. St.Peter ) son of George Blackwell, stonemason.

Mr. John M.Blackwell
By-Ways, 144 Park Avenue,
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
DE6 1GB, 0335 342182

The IGI must be examined again as my notes are incomplete. Also the wills and deeds of sisters and brother in laws should be searched at Lichfield and other places.

Blackwells in Longstone Derbyshire

Richard Blackwell of Great Longstone shows the baptism of the following children in Great Longstone:

  1. 1.Thomas Blackwell of Great Longston leaves a will in 1691 (Lichfield wills)
    He names his brother William, and sister Ann. His will is witnessed by Thomas Knight, Nicholas Blackwall,(prob. son of John.), Nicholas Hancock, and Tho.Wilson sur. The estate inventory is witnessed by John Blackwell Thomas Firth, and John Tomlinson. His estate which included 96 sheep and 28 lambs was valued at 103 pounds. His will names many debtors who owe him money. The debtor are: John Tomlinson, WiIliam Clowse, William Haflorne, Joseph Wriht, Hen.Furnace, Ellis Dirken, Chris.Jenkinson, Robert Hoolow, Hellen Hankok, Fran. Hodgkinson, Edw.Howard, Thom.Firth, Thom. Hodgkinson, Robt.Waine, John Board, Benj.Waine, Geo.Bearnwell, Dan.Needham, Edw. Howard, Hen.Winterbotham, Robt.Baxtor, Dan.Needham Jr.,Widd.Xollars, Jam.Wright, Geo.Garlick, Mary Ashton
    He gave to Mary and Elizabeth Firth daughters of Thomas Firth of Eyam 3 pounds (they are perhaps his nieces if their mother was Sarah named in Edmunds 1677 will), to Tho.Simpson the best suit of clothes, to Nicholas Hancoke's 2 sons Tho. and Nicholas 6 ewes He made his aunt Ann Clay and nephew Thomas Hodgkinson the co heirs and executors
  2. 2.William Blackwell of Great Longston named in his brothers 1691 will as Elizabeth's father. His three children's baptisms are recorded in Great Longston (IGI)
  3. 3.Ann (Blackwell) Hodgkinson is named in her brothers 1691 wills
    She married on 1671 May 1 in G.L (IGI) Thomas Hodginson
    Their children are named in Williams 1691 will.

Edmund Blackwell of Great Longston marries Ann Blackwall on 1671 Jan.19.
He leaves a will in 1677 (Lich. wills) naming his wife Ann executor and has as witnesses R. Spencer and Sarah Spencer, perhaps his wifes relatives.
He gives Thomas Blackwell of Great Longston 5 ewe sheep
(this is probably the Thomas Blackwell above whose will is dated 1691 (Lich. wills)
Gives Henry Blackwell of Winster his natural brother one shilling
(note a Henry Blackwell of Wirksworth baps. a son Anthony 1667 Jan.19)
(note a Henry Blackwell m. Elizabeth Smith in Croxall 1679 Sept.9 )
Gives to six children of Richard Blackwell (see below) six ponne a piece and to
William Hyndman and Eliz. Allen six ponne apiece.
Gives to the son of Henry Blackwell six ponne
Gives to William, Sarah, and Ann Blackwell six ponne a piece
(are they Thomas Blackwell's (will1691) siblings?
Gives to Grace Wayne six ponne
And gives all the rest to his wife Ann.

Richard Blackwell apparently marries twice. He m2. Grace Rippen on 1686 Nov.20 in Taddington He is probably the Richard Blackwell whose six children get six ponne a piece from Edmund Blackwells 1677 will. His children are recorded being baptised in Great Longston in the IGI:

  1. Ann bap.1672 Dec.8
  2. Edmund bap.1674 Feb.7
  3. Jane bap.1676 Dec.17
  4. Fortune bap.1681 Oct.9 m.1701 Aug.19 Immanuel Cooper
  5. Sarah bap.1684 Mar.15
    It appears Richard's first wife dies and he marries Grace Rippon
  6. Sarah bap. 1687 May 22
    note a Sarah B. marries George Garlick 1706 Apr.17.
  7. Richard bap.1687 May 22
  8. Thomas bap. 1689 June 16

Davenport Blackwell died in 1775 (Lich. wills) His probate given to Richard Chapman surrogate, names only two sons Davenport and Josiah as co executors. His children are probably those named in his sons will of 1787 and recorded as baptised in the IGI.

  1. Samuel bap. 1715 Aug.20 in Taddington
  2. Elizabeth bap. 1719 May 14 in Taddington
  3. John bap. 1719 May 14 in Taddington.
  4. Josiah Joshua bap.1720 Feb. 18 in Taddington
    Francis and Josiah are given 1 shilling from the 1787 will.

    Joshua and Sarah Blackwell in Ashford baptise a son
  5. John bap.1722 Oct. 13 in G.L., of Ashford in 1787.
    He is inherits all his brother Davenport's property
  6. Davenport bap. 1726 May 29, leaves a will in 1787 (Lich.wills)
    He is called a carpenter of Baslow in his will.
    He gives his brother John his property so long as his wife Mary
    gets 20 pounds a year from John. They have no surviving children.
  7. Samuel bap. 1730 June 7 in G.L.
  8. Sarah bap.1734 Oct.14 in G.L
  9. Martha bap. 1734 Oct.14 in G.L.

John Blackwell of Ashford

  1. Elizabeth bp.1748 July 21

William and Sarah Blackwell of Great Longstone show the following children in the IGI

  1. John bp.1848 June 11
  2. William bp.1853 May 22 m. Elizabeth Eyre 1878 June 11 in G.L.
  3. Elizabeth bp.1857 June 21
  4. Francis bp.1859 May 19

Richard and Mary Blackwell of Great Longstone show the following children in the IGI

  1. Elizabeth Mary bp.1864 Dec.4