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To:		<dblackwell@S1.DRC.COM>
From:		Jeff Martin <>
Subject:	re:Jesse Blackwell of Virginia
Date:		Sunday, March 9, 1997 at 3:07:20 pm EST
At 10:56 AM 12/23/96 EST, you wrote:
>Hello Jeff Martin,		Dec.23, 1996
>>I am researching my 5th great grandfather Jesse Blackwell. Jesse 
>>married Mary Crow in 1776 in Goochland County, Virginia. Their 
>>daughter, Sarah Blackwell was born February 27, 1790 in Virginia 
>>and married Noah E. Stafford about 1806 in Roane County, TN. Noah 
>>Stafford was born in South Carolina on Sept. 3, 1782. 
>>Can you tell me anything about Jesse Blackwell or point me in a 
>>direction that you feel might be a promising avenue? 
>>Thank you for your assistance.
>>Best regards, Jeff Martin
>Did you look at my Blackwell web site:
>The above names seem familiar.
>Other researchers are looking.
>Everything I have is on the web site.
>Can you tell me where you found me and
>Can you tell me your address and whole lineage to Jesse?
>I will post your query and look for Jesse, 
>later when I have more time.
>Best Regards, and a Merry Christmas,
>David C. Blackwell
>72 Center St. Groveland, Mass. 01834
> Blackwell Genealogy
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> 1620 ancestors.
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Thank you for your reply to my questions concerning Jesse Blackwell. I am
sorry it has taking so long to reply. I host the Crawford County, Mo. and
Ste. Genevieve County, Mo pages for the MOGenWeb project and I am running
increasingly behind on my own research. [DCB note: I know the feeling]

Yes I have looked at you Blackwell page. It is the best page dedicated to a
single surname I have seen to date. I appreciate the effort and I am
thinking of linking to your page off of the Blackwell listing of the
Crawford County and Ste. Genevieve County surname pages. The following is
what I have on Jesse Blackwell. Just two sources, here quoted verbatum. 

In 1776, Jesse Blackwell and Mary Crow were united in marriage in Goochland
County, Virginia.  In 1790, Jesse was living in Wilmington District, Bladen
County, Virginia.  His household included two other men over 16 years of
age, four males under 16, and three females.  On 2/29/1790 of  that year his
daughter Sarah was born in Virginia.  In 1796, daughter Martha married
Cornelius Tinsley in Goochland Co., Virginia and Jesse bought land there in
1798.  In 1798,  Jesse is also listed on the bond of Jane Blackwell who
married Joseph Brown.  In 1802 Jesse moved his family to Roane County, Tn.
where he purchased 102 acres of land from John Smith, to which he added
another 200 acres the following year.  In 1807, Jesse sold his land to
Thomas Clark who later sold it to David Blackwell.  Later in the year, Jesse
settled in Cooks Settlement, Cape Girardeau District, Mo., a number of his
family having come with him.  Daughter Sarah and her husband Noah Stafford
went on to Keysville, Mo.  Noah Stafford and Jesse served in the War of 1812
with Jesse attaining the rank of Captain.  Son William and his wife Mary
Jane Halbert built a brick house near Salem, Mo.  In 1828, Jesse was judged
unable to handle his own affairs and keeping a few personal things, gave his
property to his children.  To his son William he deeded 173 acres of land in
St. Genevieve County and returned to Roane Co., Tn.  He is buried near
Kingston, Tn. ------ Submitted by Ann Wendler Hommert

 "Crawford County, Missouri 1829-1987", Turner Publishing Co. 1987, pages
122 and 123.


Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 
From: "John R. Jackson" <jrjacks@MO.NET>
Subject: Info on Jesse Blackwell

This is in response to your request for information on Jessse 
Blackwell. We are also looking for the same information. However, 
perhaps the following will be of some use to you. Jesse Blackwell 
married Mary Crow in 1776 we presume at Gootchland County, Virginia. 
She was the daughter of a Native American named John Crow. 
[DCB note: some people say John Crow was English not N.A. but maybe his wife was?]
He later owned 302 acres of land on the Tennessee River, Probably in Roane 
County, Tennessee. He sold the land in 1807 and moved to the Southeast 
part of St. Francis County in Missouri (it is now Cook County). From a 
genealogy reference book titled "The Source" by Arlene Eakle and Johni 
Cerny (ISBN 0-916489-00-0) on page 536 it talks about "Rolls of 
Cherokee Residing West of the Mississippi (Indian Territory)" and it 
might be possible that this was the reason Jesse moved there.
Jesse and his family moved back to Tennessee but we don't know the 
date that he moved. He died there in 1828. We did not know of his 
daughter Sarah. Our line came from a son named William who was born in 
1793 in Goochland County, Virginia. William married  Mary Ann Halbert 
and they moved to Missouri in 1833. They settled near Salem, Missouri 
in Dent County. They had the following children: Harriet, Francis, 
Ann, Mary Ann, James H., Jesse Allen, John S., William H. - which is 
our line. The family established a cemetery on their property at 
Hawkins Bank in Dent County.

My line from Jesse goes like this:

Jesse Blackwell and Mary Crow's daughter Sarah Blackwell (b. 2/27/1790 in
Virginia) married Noah E. Stafford (B. 9/3/1782 in South Carolina) about
1806 in Roane County, TN.

Their daughter Louvina Stafford married William Key (B. 5/20/1809 in Warren
Co. Kentucky ?)on 2/27/1831 in Crawford County, Missouri. Eliza J. Key was
born 9/23/1833  and married Benjamin Franklin Edgar (b. 8/29/1831 ) on
2/10/1853 in Cherryville, Crawford Co., Missouri. Their son, George Bernard
Edgar (b. 1862 in Cherryville) married Eliza A. Ferguson, and their daughter
Ruth Margret Edgar (b. 7/14/1983 0 d. 1/18/1987) is my grandmother on my
father's side. She married Carl Thurston Martin (b. 2/7/1896 - d. 3/25/1982)
My father is Edgar Carl Martin, b. 7/20/1925. 

Thanks again 
Best regards,

Jeff Martin,
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Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri Page