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I liked your section on the Bruen Family of Cheshire.

I research in Derbyshire, the Peak District, and I have come across several Bruens in early Derbyshire Charters (by Jeayes) and in the Bagshaw Collection at Sheffield Record Office. 13-1400s if I remember. For example : ---------------------

Item 1714 Bagshaw Collection: "Lease. Latin. William, son of Robert le Brun of Bradewelle, to William, son of Henry Faber (Smith) of Bradewelle. A piece of land below William's toft which Robert his father held, to build a house there extending up to the toft of Richard, son of Gunne, with entry and exit rights to the land and house; for 40 years; for a sum of money. About 3rd May [feast of the Invention of the Cross], 1279, the beginning of the term of the lease."

----------------------------------- (got carried away there...)

Please to examine my Blackwell Genealogy Notebook:
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