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Joseph W. Blackwell ............................ December 11, 1995
10628 Forest Lane
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Telephone 708-422-1123

David, dblackwell@S1.DRC.COM (Blackwell Study Group Online Notebook Editor)

I ran across your web site through ROOTS-L. I have included a brief outline
of my current status. I also have documented everything using Family Tree
Maker.   (The  FTM file is here: blackwel.gd1 . It is 25614 bytes long; ed.DCB)

Abstract outline...............James BLACKWELL b ? d ?

I am attempting to trace the roots of my ggrandfather, James BLACKWELL.
An Entry of Marriage certificate that I located through the Portsmouth, England,
Registrar's office states that he married Eliza LAMBOURNE on August 20, 1861 at the Parish Church, Parish of Portsea, in the county of Hants England.
His age at the time of marriage was 32, placing his birth date about
1829. Eliza was born at Sussex, England, date unknown, and died July 14, 1922
at Chicago, Illinois, USA. James and Eliza  Blackwell had 6 children;

Letters in my possession relate that James BLACKWELL was a British soldier
stationed at Fort Frontenac, Ontario, Canada, now called Fort Henry, in 1864.

Fort Frontenac, was located near Kingston, Ontario on the St. Lawrence River.
James BLACKWELL was discharged from the service with a pension at the close
of the Civil War in the States. He and his wife Eliza LAMBOURNE BLACKWELL
decided to remain in Canada, settling on Garden Island, one of the Thousand
Islands, two miles east of Kingston, Ontario, Fort Henry."

James obtained employment in the ship yards of the D.D.Calvin
Company. While employed by D.D.Calvin, James organized a brass band and
orchestra that is identified as the Garden Island Choral Society in a bible
presented to him by the group on May 1, 1872.

Joseph W. Blackwell
10628 Forest Lane
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Telephone 708-422-1123