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72 Center St. Groveland, Mass. 01834 - - (978)373-2358 - (978) 475-9090x1678

David Blackwell has over 20 years experience in programming and software development. David has experience in the areas of internet web development tools, and object oriented development environments;  data base systems, simulation systems,  econometric modeling systems, and development & presentation of technical training courses and materials. He has also tested, debugged, and documented software.


12/96-7 - present VisualMagic Group at Dynamic Research (C++, OO and web tools)
Participated in the design, implementation, testing, documention, and preparation of training material for VisualMagic an Object Orient development environment.  Created and maintained the VisualMagic website. Tried and evaluated various web tools and software. This includes Apache, Java, Javascript, MS-SQL, MS Frontpage 98, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), MS Visual C++, PERL, DISCUS, Python,  etc. Steve Keller Mgr. DRC (978) 475-9090
9/90 - 12/96-7 Dynamics Research Corporation Andover, MA (Ada 6 years).
As Sr. Software Engineer/AdaMAT Training Manager, Mr. Blackwell presents training seminars to government and commercial personnel on the use of AdaMAT products and interpretation of the outputs. As a consultant he analyses Ada projects using AdaMAT, reports on the quality of the code, and recommends improvements. He also develops and tailors AdaMAT training material, fixes bugs, created and maintained the AdaMAT Web site, and supports customers. AdaMAT is a static code analysis tool that reports on the quality of Ada source code as a function of the code's adherence to recognized software engineering and development principles. AdaMAT runs on the VAX, UNIX, and Rational environments. Steve Keller Mgr. DRC (978) 475-9090
10/89 - 9/90 Telos Consulting Waltham, MA (Ada 1 year)
As Sr. Software Engineer, Mr. Blackwell designed and implemented parts of the Display Rapid Prototyping and Simulation (DRPS) System, an animated discrete event simulation system. He contributed to the development of the menu, dialogue, and help sections of the process definition manager. He was also responsible for the user interface of all 60 programmable language statements, plus any saving and retrieving of those statements. Mr. Blackwell also conducted integration testing and debugging, and wrote user documentation. For this project, he used Ada, DEC X Windows, and an XVIEW-like tool developed in house. Tech. Ref: Barry McArdle Mgr. of Hughes at Hanscom AFB (617) 377-3366 ESC/ENS, Bldg 1704 Room 107, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-2816
      (3-9/89 renovating house and traveling in Europe)
3/87 - 3/89 Stratus Computer, Inc. Marlborough, MA (PL1 2 years)
As Sr. Software Engineer, Mr. Blackwell designed and implemented a redundantly distributed database system, using Stratus' transaction-protected file system with a multi-tasking, multi-process, and multi-site design. The system used server-requester queues and an existing single-site customer support database system. The team created a specific optimized network-wide transaction-protection (TP) scheme on top of the Stratus TP tools. They also designed a disaster recovery mechanism and a method of adding and deleting nodes. Jim Filreis Mgr. @ Stratus (508)460-2004
10/86 - 3/87 Istel, Inc. Burlington, MA (Fortran 2 years)
As Sr. Systems Programmer, Mr. Blackwell was a member of a four-person team that wrote WITNESS, an animated simulation system for manufacturing, which interactively simulates discrete event systems and produces an animated schematic model, statistics, and graphs. He added several features and implemented a simple rule base used for control by the the simulated systems parts. Tech. Ref: Martin Clarke Mgr @ Istel U.K. 011-44-527-550330
6/85 - 10/86 Independent Contract Programmer/Analyst
For Interactive Training Systems, Inc., Cambridge, MA, Mr. Blackwell developed an interactive database system on an IBM AT with a touch screen and laser video disk, using the Lattice C cross compiler under VAX/VMS and the PHACT database tool. (C 1 year)

For the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, he designed and wrote a prototype genealogical database system for the IBM AT, using DBase III and the Clipper Compiler. (DBase III 1 year)

6/82 - 6/84 Chase/Interactive Data Corp. Waltham/Lexington, MA Algol 2 years
As Sr. Systems Programmer, Mr. Blackwell enhanced and maintained XSIM, an econometric modeling, simulation, and forecasting language. He added calendar functions, operators, graphics, data entry features, and output forms and tables. Susan Esher Mgr.
6/80 - 6/82 Strategic Information, Inc. Burlington, MA Pascal 2 years, Ada 1 year (overlapping)
As Computer Scientist, Mr. Blackwell designed and implemented a prototype screen editor and help system, closely integrated with the language and interpreter, for an integrated, interactive econometric modeling language and environment for economists. For this project, he used Pascal, the Metaware TM front-end generator, and an intermediate description language tool to make an interface between the user commands and the graphics system, interpreter, and compiler. Gayn Winters Mgr. (617)234-6864(home)
6/77 - 6/80 SofTech, Inc. Waltham, MA
As Software Engineer, Mr. Blackwell worked on the Ada and JOVIAL J73 compiler validation projects. He also worked on the PLEXIS compiler, a telecommunications language under UNIX. He set up a prototype database using an inverted DBMS.

(C, JOVIAL, Ada 1 year each). Chris Braun was at Contel Virginia, John Goodenough now at SEI
1977 BS Engineering Cornell University, School of Industrial Engineering

Information Systems/ and Operations Research Ithaca, NY
Applied Statistics 9/71-6/74 9/76- 6/77
Languages: Ada, HTML, PL/1, C, Pascal, FORTRAN, BASIC, APL, LISP, EXCEL 4.0
Systems: MS NT, UNIX, DEC VMS, Rational, MSDOS, Stratus VOS, CMS, TOPS20, Apple Macintosh
Experience with: C++, JAVA, Javascript, web servers, MS-SQL, LISP, Prolog, object-oriented and expert systems

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Secret (expired)