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Weick Family of Prussia - Danzig? and Tilsit.

Leo (or Bernhard) Weick was Lutheran, and was a school teacher in Tilsit, East Prussia Germany in the 1800s. Three or four of the daughters: Emma, Greta, Ida, and Elizabeth were also school teachers and stayed in Germany. Leo is thought to have married a Catholic for his 1st and/or 2nd wife.

Leo married again. We are uncertain of the wife's names, one may be named Kuhn and the other may be Saleski.

We are uncertain on which children are from the first marriage and which from the second.
Although Bernhart Weick "Jr." is almost certainly from the second marriage

Weick family tradition says that a "rich" uncle donated land for a sea side park and that this park was made into a submarine base during WWI. The story, which may be confused, implies the park land was in or near Danzig. Can anyone tell me about World War I submarine bases near Danzig?

I would appreciate any information on any of these people. Best Regards, David C. Blackwell,

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Weick 1880 now DEU>GloucesterCo,NJ,USA buras
508 Laurel Oak Drive, Mandeville, LA 70471

Weick 1805 now BAD,DEU>SalineCo,KS,USA joos
Theresa Joos,
14521 Natchez Ave. So., Savage, MN 55378-2765

Saleski Family of Prussia
Worner Family of Neu Isenburg, Hesse.My other ancestors.

Email from the Prussia Genealogy list <> regarding Tilsit, etc.

Re: kreis tilsit ragnit - land an der Memel
Here is the name and address of the editor of the Heimatsbrief for 
the above area.  He may be able to help some of you with old maps and 
place names.  You will need to check the post code as I only have the 
old one.

Gert-Joachim Juergens
2120 Lueneburg
Schillerstrasse 8 l r.
[The new zip code for Lueneburg is 21335. <>]

Hope you find this useful.
Bye for now, Heidi Cummins <H.Cummins at> July 23, 1997
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