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The Blackwells of Great Hucklow, Derbyshire, in the Peak.

(c)Work in progress 1985..20...;
compiled by David Craig Blackwell, USA.

John Blackwell of Great Hucklow married Anna Cowper of Highlow on 1701 Nov.9 in Hope. (his name was often spelled Blacco). He almost certainly is John the son of George Blackwell of Litton (part of Tideswell) bap.1680 Dec.2. Hope is the parish just north of Tideswell, the village of Hucklow is between Hope parish church and Tideswell church.Many of their grandchildren are baptized in Tideswell and the naming pattern is the similar.  The Family was involved in lead mining. Their seven sons: Adam, Abraham John, George(d.y.), Robert, William, & George and one daughter: Maria,were all baptised in Hope which Hucklow is a part of.

  1. Adam Blackwell bap.1701/2 Jan.18 married Sarah Swindel on 1730 Nov.12 in Tideswell.

  2. Their children are are baptised in Tideswell but the family is always
    noted as being of Great Hucklow which is between Tideswell and Hope.
  3. Abraham Blackwell bap.1705 Jun.3 buried 1765 Apr.1. He married (1732 May 11)

  4. Alice Bagshaw (bap.1702 Oct.25) dau.of Peter and Ann Bagshaw of Abney.
    (all dates from the Hope Parish Register Manuscript).
    1. a.Mary Blackwell bap.1733 Jun.14.
    2. b.Ann Blackwell bap.1735 Jun.8, buried 1747/8 Jan.24.
    3. c.Peter Blackwell bap. 1737 Oct., married Mary Chapman.
      Peter son of Abraham is recorded the the List of Apprentices and Freeman in the History of Cutlers on Hallamshire - vol 2 as an apprentice to William Webster, scissorsmith; his freedom granted in 1776.

    4. They moved to Sheffield and he was a scissorsmith.
      Their children were baptised at Sheffield Cathedral.
    5. d.Elizabeth Blackwell bap.1740 May.
  5. John Blackwell bap.1708 Jun.24 .

  6. He married Elizabeth Cooper of Tideswell on 1729/30 Feb.27.
    All his children are baptised in Eyam.
    1. a.Hannah Blackwell bap.1731 Apr.30, buried 1731 May 1.
    2. b.Elizabeth Blackwell bap.1731/2 Mar.22.
    3. c.John Blackwell bap.1735 Dec.26.
    4. d.Martha Blackwell bap.1736/7 Jan.18.
    5. e.Rebecca Blackwellbap.1738/9 Feb. 2.

    6. John apparently married secondly a Catherine ___, mother of the following.
    7. f. Mary Blackwell bap.1742 Oct.12.
    8. g.Edward Blackwell bap.1747/8 Feb.23.
    9. h.Catherine Blackwell bap.1753 Jan. 4.
    10. i. Elizabeth Blackwell bap.1757 Jul.28. (? perhaps m.Edward Unwin 1777 Aug. 5 Eyam in Eyam Dale).
  7. George Blackwell bap.1711 Dec.13, and apparently died young.
  8. Maria Blackwell bap 1714/5 Mar.3.
  9. Robert Blackwell bap.1718 Jun.8. He and his wife were buried 1762 Jun.21.

  10. He married Elizabeth Morten in Eyam on 1745 Mar.1. They resided in Great Hucklow .
    Their children are all baptised in Hope. (this family has an old "pedigree", to be included later.)
    1. a.John Blackwell bap.1746/7 Mar.18 married _____ Jackson.
      A John son of Robert, Whittington, tan.,dec.; to John West, Storrs,c. 9,1770,Freedom,1799.

    2. John, like his cousin Peter (my ancester), moved to Sheffield.
      And both had sons named Thomas who became silversmiths.
      1. 1.Thomas Blackwell married Sarah Eyre who died in 1853 in Sheffield.

      2. He was a silversmith in Sheffield. John Eyre Blackwell today of Sheffield is a descendent.
      3. 2.Robert Blackwell (info on this family from the pedigree)
      4. 3.Joseph Blackwell
      5. 4.William Blackwell
      6. 5.Elizabeth Blackwell
      7. 6.Sarah Blackwell
      8. 7.John Blackwell married Annie Robson dau.of Mr.Robson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
      9. 8.Andrew Blackwell
      10. 9.Martha Blackwell
      11. 10.Mary Blackwell
      12. 11.Mary Ann Blackwell
    3. b.Isabelle Blackwell bap.1749 Apr.25
    4. c.Thomas Blackwell bap.1751 Apr.11
    5. d.Ann Blackwell bap.1753
    6. e.Robert Blackwell bap.1756 Mar.20
      (Raymond John Blackwell reports thinks he is a descendant and reports the following.)
      Robert Blackwell baptised Nov.15,1767 son of Robert and Elizabeth at St.George-in-theEast Stepney an 11 year old boy. Is this a 2nd baptism of Robert?
      Robert  Blackwell was in London as a water-gilder and returned to Sheffield in 1820 to work in the silver business.
      Robert Blackwell married  Susanah Bonner on Dec.17th, 1782 at St.Leonards,Shoreditch London.
    7. f.William Blackwell bap.1758 Nov.23
    8. g.Elizabeth Blackwell bap.1761 Oct.31, buried 1762 Sep.24, age 1-.
  11. William Blackwell bap. 1721 married Mary ______ resided in Great Hucklow.

  12. William (of Douce(next to Hucklow)) was buried 1799 Jun.29
    1. a.Elizabeth Blackwell bap.1745/6 Mar.27, (prob.buried 1760 Jun.28, age 14.)
    2. b.Jossua Blackwell bap.1747 married Mary _____ resided in Hope.
      1. Elizabeth Blackwell bap.1771 Jan.4.
      2. William Blackwell bap.1773 Feb.23, buried 1774 Apr. 5, age 1.
      3. George Blackwell bap. 1775 Apr.27. Note a George son of William in Dronfield,h.; to Joseph Rogers kgr.;7,1798
    3. c.Hannah Blackwell bap.1749 Oct.26.
    4. d.Phoebe Blackwell bap.1751 Sep.12.
    5. e.George Blackwell bap.1754 May 16.
    6. f.Mary Blackwell bap.1756 Aug.30.
    7. g.Ann Blackwell bap.1758 (record says of Dawse(near Hucklow)).
    8. h.Peggy Blackwell bap.1760 Dec.26.
  13. George Blackwell bap. 1727 married Ann Stephenson on 1754 Nov.14 in Eyam. (the marriage was also noted in Hope.)  George was buried 1786 Oct. 9, Ann was buried 1800 Jul. 2. Their children are all baptised in Hope.
    1. a.Hannah Blackwell bap.1755 Nov.13, buried 1760 Feb.24, age 4.
    2. b.John Blackwell bap.1762 Feb.19, buried 1764 Oct.30, age 2.
I'd like to thank F.M.Barrell who transcribed, and G.F.Eglesfield & C.V.Appleton who typed and indexed all the Hope Parish Registers to 1837. This tremendous 6 volume manuscript was donated to the Society of Geneologist in London in 1970. This type of work is great help to the genealogist. It enabled me to do in 2 days what might have taken 2 weeks to do throughly and correctly. 
Note  Isaac and Sarah Blackwell are recorded to have an infant Frederick died Sept3, 1845 bured May 11.
and an infant Elizabeth died Sept 9, 1849 age 17 months of Cholera they are of Jericho St and he is a Cutler.

William Blackwell age 74 a tailor died July 20 1856. he was of 32 Sycamore Street. Minister was John Steele.
Mary Blackwell age 64 spinster died Dec.23,1856, she was of Hoyle St.
Mary Blackwell age 61 widow of James died Sept.30,1849 of Asiatic Cholera, she was of Nursery St.
Jane Blackwell age 35 of West Bar died Feb.13,1849 of intoxication and want.

William Blackwell married Sept. 1840 Sheffield
Elizabeth m. Dec.1840 Sheffield
Henry m. Dec.1840 Rotherham
Thomas m.Dec.1840 Sheffield

William b.Sept 1840 Sheffield
William b. Jun 1840 Sheffield
Alfred Blackwell b. Dec.1840 Sheffield
Alfred b. Mar. 1872 Sheffield
John Vincent Blackwell b. June 1872 Sheffield
Robert John Blackwell b.Sept1844 Sheffield

Robert John Blackwell b. Apr.17,1796 St. Clement Danes Westminister.
Married Elizabeth Franklyn on Dec.21 1818 at St.Clement Danes, Westminster.
8 Children - 7th child: John Blackwell b. 1840, married Mary-Ann Myers

John Blackwell b. 1840, married Mary-Ann Myers was great grandfather of Ray.
John and Mary-Ann lived at 162 City Road , Sheffield
Note at
a Robert John Blackwell  died of the measles May 24 1846 bured May 28th age 20 months son of Robert and Elizabeth Blackwell of 62 Edward St. Sheffield Robert was a Fiel Cutter. 

1795.4 BLACKWALL Robert (Wirksworth,Ww) Hat dealer [Selling hat without stamp] fine: £5.00 (Mundy fnc )
1778.1 BLACKWELL Davenport (Baslow, HP) N/s [RTO: 02] fine:£5.00 (Rotherham s)
1787.1 BLACKWELL Davenport (Nether padley, HP) N/s [Selling ale sine licence] fine: £20.00 +2/=costs (Barker j)
1787.3 BLACKWELL Davenport (Nether padley, Sc) Farmer [RTO:06] fine: £10.00 (Rotherham s + hallowes b) 1822.4 BLACKWELL John (Ashford/water, HP) Shopkeeper [Weights] fine: 6/6d (Middleton & arkwright)
1793.3 BLACKWELL Ralph (Cromford, Ww) Servant [Poaching on a sunday] 1st offence (Gell p )
1823.3 BLACKWELL Richard (Winster, HP) Shopkeeper [Weights] fine: 5/=+6/6d (Arkwright & ashby)
1825.3 BLACKWELL Robert (N/s, ) N/s [Ill-treating horse] fine: 1/6d (Shuttleworth & middleton)
1805.2 BLACKWELL Samuel (Eyam, HP) N/s [RTO:08] fine: 20/= (Jebb j)
1805.2 BLACKWELL W (Eyam, HP) N/s [RTO: 08] fine: 20/= (Jebb j) 
1828.1 BLACKWALL Samuel (Matlock, Ww) Labourer [Assault] Matlock (Smith sam (gamekeeper) Matlock [All disputes settled]
1819.4 BLACKWELL George (Bakewell, HP) Labourer [Assault] N/s (Carrington joseph (surgeon)) Bakewell [Sureties]
1821.1 BLACKWELL John (Blackwell, Sc) Labourer [Riot & assault & theft: 01: ?] Bakewell (house) (Bradbury william needham(cordwainer) Bakewell [Not preferred]
1829.2 BLACKWELL Joseph (Duffield, Ap) Labourer [Poaching] Shipton (Mundy e.miller) Shipton [Transported 7 years]
1779.2 BLACKWELL Samuel (Dronfield, Sc) Labourer [Theft: 07: 10d] N/s (Bromley thomas) N/s [All disputes settled]
1793.1 BLACKWELL Samuel (Charnock, Sc) Labourer [Theft: 07: 4/6d] N/s (Hodgkinson wigley haywd.miller) Matlock [Gaol 2 months hard labour wirksworth see 1090]
1828.1 BLACKWELL Samuel (Matlock, Ww) Labourer [Assault] Matlock (Smith samuel(g/keeper) Matlock [All disputes settled]
1817.4 BLACKWELL William (Bakewell, HP) Labourer [Assault] N/s (Smith william (innkeeper)) Bakewell [All disputes settled]

>Hello Dawn Scotting <pandora at>
> I'm VERY interested in hearing about George Blackwell's descendants and anything else your know about Derbyshire and immigration from England to NZ. DCB Dec.31, 1996
Note Dawn no long believes this is the correct connection DCB 2008.

Hi David, whew! It's taken me nearly all day to add all those Blackwell's to my family tree, I think I've done my wrist in! I haven't had time to list my side of things and send it to you but I will I promise. Unfortunately my branch comes down through the female side a little later on through Adam the eldest son of John and Anna Cowper so the Blackwell name is not carried on after that, at least not in my family.

I'm about to visit your homepage again to see what else I can find, this is really exciting! I can fill in a couple of holes in The Blackwells of Great Hucklow for you, do you want the full list of names, dates etc even after the Blackwell name stops in my branch? Did you get ANY of your information from the Derbyshire IGI fiche at all or is from the parish registers ONLY? Funnily enough I had just found Adam and Sarah Swindel at the library the same day I joined the Blackwell mailing list and found out about your homepage, at that stage I wasn't really sure if they were 'mine' but when I saw your information I knew they were. Here's a hole for you to fill in:-

f.George Blackwell bap 1745 Mar 17, married Hannah Hall in Tideswell on 24 Jul 1769

You have them down as having five children, Sarah, Adam, Richard, Mary & James. I also have another two, if they aren't on your parish records does that mean they don't belong to George and Hannah? I found them on the IGI fiche, they had the same parents names and were bap in Tideswell and the dates also fitted so I just presumed they were theirs, they are:

Well, I must away to bed once more, let me know if you want ALL my info,  such as it is, nothing as interesting as yours, and I'll type it up for you.

Hi David, I didn't hear whether you wanted my whole tree or just the Blackwell part of it but on checking I don't have any Blackwell's after what you had anyway! Still I've typed it up and here it is for what it's worth, at least you have another branch of the tree even though they aren't Blackwells. I'm really enjoying your homepage, it's a mine of information, well done

Adam Blackwell m Sarah Swindel 12 Nov 1730 in Tideswell, Derbyshire

(5) Richard b 1781 m Mary Cocker in 1816 in Winster, Derbyshire
Their children are: * I found these people in the 1881 census. Edward & Margaret Wilson were in Salford, Lancashire with all of their children except Annie, found her staying/living with her mother's sister Grace Greatorex in Castleton, Lancashire, in the same house was Grace's son Joseph aged 27 b in Winster, no husband Henry.

William & Jane Wilson were living in 1 Heathfield Rd, Tranmere, Cheshire, no children in the house but they had three servants (I should be so lucky!).

Joseph & Hannah were living in 6 Heathfield Rd, Cheshire and this is where I have a mystery! They had four grandchildren with them, all born in Birkenhead, they are:

I can't work out who they would have belonged to, whether they're all from the same family or different ones. Mary L would be too old to be William and Jane's, but Edward already has a Mary. I can't find Joseph in the census so far so they could be his, maybe he and his wife are dead but he would have been a bit young to have a daughter that age too.

That only leaves Hannah, but she was unmarried and still living with her parents at age 39, it's possible they are hers but not probable I reckon.I suppose some of them could have been Edward's but if they were they didn't come to NZ with the rest of the family, in fact I never even knew there was a Margaret until now so maybe she stayed behind too.

Anyway, this is probably a whole lot more than you really wanted to know. I have left out a lot at the beginning because it was just doubling up on what you already had. My grandmother was Eleanor Wilson who married Courtney Parks, they had three daughters and hundreds of grand and great-grandchildren, doubt if you want to know them all as we aren't Blackwells unfortunately. And Wilson is a devil of a name to try and trace too!!!

I have a homepage now and will be putting my family trees onto it as soon as I've done them all. I have a link to your homepage on it, hope that's okay with you? Mine is just a very basic one as I'm still learning but I hope to make it a lot better as I go along. The address is:  dead link.

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| Cheers....Dawn    |        \\ ~ ~ //      | roots at  |
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| Researching:-     |  --oOOo-- (_) --oOOo--| BLACKWELL, HASSALL     |
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Hello Dawn (and Blackwell email list) Feb.28,1997
OK Dawn, I'll "kick" you [8-)] <- that is a "smilie)
Please kick me if I'm wrong here but it seems to me that the American Blackwells don't see to go back further than before they arrived there, why is this I wonder or am I way off beam here? Dawn Scotting <pandora at> Feb. 27, 1997

Many Americans do go back further than when their ancestor(s) arrived but many more Americans are descendants of younger sons who go off to new lands, married, had children, and died before their children learned or were interested in their history. Most people were just too busy surviving to be interested in their history.

Many county court houses and churches burned, especially in the south. Books were too heavy to carry around and those that were carried suffered from meldew, wet, and rot.

Most people have many missing links, not just across the Atlantic but from county to county and state to state. Even people who stayed in England. When records exist there can be questions because several people have the same name at the same time and location.

We can still question whether your Richard Blackwell of Winster Derbyshire is the same as Richard Blackwell b.1781 son of George Blackwell of Tideswell. Do you have any record of when or where YOUR Richard was born or his age?      blkhucfm.htm

While this link is likely, your documentation is VERY thin and it is more of a guess than a fact. My own links and documentation are almost as thin, but I have documented a group of related family moving from Tideswell north to the next village of Hope(Hucklow village) and later to Sheffield (Blackwell Close), not just individuals. This was difficult research where I spent 8 weeks in England searching. Few people can afford and know how to do this kind of searching.

My family history that my Blackwell ancestor came from Sheffield around 1839 was almost lost. No one in my family ever asked my grandfather about our history. If it was not for a High School research project I would never have asked him where our Blackwell ancestor came from. He died before I graduated from College, and that detail would have been lost forever. I am certain that most family histories have been lost by this type of neglect.

Many people believe and practice what Henry Ford said: "History is bunk and the only important history is the history we make today." Actually he was referring to the fact that most traditional history is the history of war and conflict, and that real history should focus on progress not on conflict. Links to two my mother's four German grandparents have been lost because of this type of feeling.

I know I am preaching to the choir here on a genealogy list, but the obvious lesson is that you have to interview all living relatives, as soon as possible, and write down every detail and question, then distributed your notes to everyone and make it clear that what you are passing around are notes, that need corrections and additions. You also need to get your friends to do the same.

Best Regards, and hoping people will find and correct all my mistakes.

David C. Blackwell